How to Solve Your Peak Season Pains

While some of the biggest retail distributors are celebrating a smooth peak season, others are nursing a few bruises. No matter where you fall, there’s almost always room for improvement. Do any of these pain points sound like you?

  • Read rates under 99.9%
  • Label printing and placement problems
  • Poor routing and scanning
  • Overflowing lanes
  • Label quality inspection errors

Fortunately, Cognex can be by your side this peak season. Our barcode reading solutions are quick and easy to deploy so that you can get peak season worries under control.

Achieve the Highest Read Rates: The Cognex tunnel provides wide belt coverage to quickly and accurately read codes. Advanced barcode reading algorithms and real-time monitoring capabilities can help you boost throughput, efficiency, and deliverability.

Identify Label Printing and Placement Problems: Don’t let wrinkled, flagged, smudged, or poorly placed labels cause delays. Cognex’s image-based barcode readers use the industry’s best vision technology to ensure good placement, read deformed codes, and identify the cause of no-reads.

Improve Presentation Scanning: Some scanners have trouble reading codes at extreme angles, but not Cognex’s! DataMan readers read codes at angles beyond 85 degrees, guaranteeing you high read rates, no matter how your codes present themselves.

Decrease Rework: Don’t let manual rework cut into your profit. DataMan readers can identify compromised and missing labels before they approach the hospital lane, helping shorten rework times and maintain automation levels.

Ensure Label Quality and Accuracy: Avoid fines and safety complications by verifying that your labels are clearly printed and accurately placed. Cognex readers can identify all manner of compromised labels, and even read the most challenging specimens to get your packaged where they need to go.

Learn more about how Cognex can help mitigate your peak season pains downloading our free Logistics Application Guide.

Caroline Smart

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