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New Supply Chain Management Tools Ensure Tobacco Product Compliance

For most operators producing, importing, distributing, and selling tobacco products, it’s essential to track product movements throughout the supply chain. New EU regulations known as the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) govern nearly all aspects of the manufacturing, presentation, and sale of all tobacco and tobacco-related products. Beginning recently, every pack now needs to be traceable, with data transmitted to a central data repository for monitoring and auditing. Let’s take a walk along a typical tobacco pack’s journey from manufacture to point of sale:

  1. Manufacturers procure unique IDs for every tobacco product they produce so every movement can be tracked and traced.
  2. These IDs are used to aggregate cartons, cases, and pallets for delivery to wholesalers and distributors. Information is transferred to the authorities each day.
  3. By the time products are loaded onto retail delivery trucks, track and trace systems already know where each individual unit is being sent.
  4. Upon delivery, all data is synchronized, aggregated, and sent to the authorities for audit compliance.

With thirty years of experience providing comprehensive barcode reading solutions, Cognex understands the unique scanning and data capture needs of supply chain operators. This is why Cognex has partnered with INEXTO to offer INEXTEND, a cloud-based tracking system which synchronizes scan data across every step of the supply chain. This combined solution aggregates and tracks barcode reader data as tobacco products arrive at storage and distribution facilities, get repackaged for distribution, and are sent out for final delivery. Cognex readers and INEXTEND software integrate easily into warehouses, picking lines, and delivery vehicles to ensure traceability at every step.

Find out how Cognex can help tobacco suppliers and distributors comply with track-and-trace, reporting, synchronization, and audit requirements by downloading the Tobacco Industry Solutions Guide.

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