Watch How Image-Based Barcode Readers Can Help Your Business

fixed-mount and handheld barcode readers read barcodes on moving boxes, electronics, and automotive systems

Nearly everything uses a 1D or 2D code to simplify identification and data capture including the small circuit board in your cell phone, the label on your bottle of water, the engine block in your car, and  packages shipped to you from around the world. But codes can be degraded, damaged, missing vital elements or marked on curved or shiny surfaces that make them hard to read. This can result in delayed production, costly reprints, wasted products, and chargebacks. 

Cognex answers this challenge with fixed-mount, handheld, and mobile image-based barcode readers that use patented decoding algorithms and innovative technology to quickly and reliably decipher any code, every time. Read codes on high-speed lines, recessed parts, multiple sides of packages, at extreme angles and extended ranges—even 1D and 2D codes simultaneously. 

1DMax with Hotbars is a patented decoding algorithm optimized for codes with extreme variations in contrast, perspective, and resolution, decoding up to 10 times faster than a conventional barcode reader. 2DMax with PowerGrid is designed to reliably read 2D codes with significant damage to or complete elimination of a code’s finder or clocking pattern, or quiet zone.

High resolution sensors, advanced lighting, and HDR+ technology enhance image quality and contrast to increase the range of readable codes. Autofocus, or liquid lens, technology adapts to changes in working distances without the need for moving parts that can wear out or fail.

Modular lights, lenses, and communication options can be configured to solve any barcode reading challenge, while the reader’s rugged housing withstands the most demanding environments. Easy to use software simplifies both installation and operation. Images are captured in real time allowing users to track result history as well as review code quality and reader performance.

With industry leading read rates and advanced technology, Cognex image-based barcode readers can help your organization increase throughput, reduce costs, and optimize performance. Watch how now.

To learn more about image-based barcode readers, download 8 Reasons to Choose Image-Based Barcode Readers

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