Meet Cognex’s First Standalone, Ultra-High-Resolution Vision System

man holds in-sight 9912 vision system while it inspects an engine block in background

For machine vision applications requiring exceptional image clarity and large fields of view, there’s only one smart camera system up to the job. The In-Sight 9912 is Cognex’s first ultra-high-resolution, IP67-rated standalone vision system, offering customers crystal clear images over large areas and working distances in a programming-free, easily configurable development environment. The self-contained, 12MP vision system offers a convenient and cost-effective alternative to the multi-camera installations and PC- or controller-based systems previously required to balance resolution needs and large fields of view. Together with the 9902L line scan model, the In-Sight 9000 series offers ultra-high-resolution, self-contained industrial vision systems with area scan and line-scan image capture options.

And that’s just the beginning.

The In-Sight 9912 is also a single camera solution for 12MP, which helps customers avoid the expense and hassle of installing multiple cameras to acquire high-resolution, large FOV images. This involves a lengthy multi-camera setup period and maintenance or, in some cases, larger systems that take up more space on the line.

For the same reasons, customers can also avoid training on new software. The In-Sight 9912 preserves the Cognex In-Sight ecosystem and is ideal for those who want to easily build their applications with EasyBuilder’s configurable template and, if necessary, customize them with the spreadsheet feature. This is a desirable alternative to the programming required with a PC, which adds complexity and requires installing complicated controller-based systems.

And finally, the IS9912 features Cognex’s industry leading vision technology, including PatMax RedLine, the gold standard for pattern matching, and HDR+, an advanced algorithm that stretches the boundaries of HDR technology to increase contrast and provide a more uniform image in a single acquisition. This robust toolset is capable of solving a wide range of applications.

Learn more about Cognex’s first standalone, ultra-high-resolution vision system by downloading the In-Sight 9912 datasheet.

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