New Area Scan Technology Completes More 3D Inspections in Less Time

3D vision systems displayed in front of pcb and metal part

For 3D inspections, speed, accuracy, and ruggedness are top concerns. That’s why Cognex’s two new high-performance 3D vision systems, the 3D-A5000 area scan 3D system and DSMax32T laser displacement 3D system, and a new method of 3D part location, PatMax 3D, are such a notable addition to the 3D market. These three new offerings are bringing superior 3D inspection capabilities to factories to solve high-speed assembly verification and in-line measurement applications.

Traditional area scan 3D systems are simply too slow for production lines. Their strong image quality works well in the lab but simply isn’t built for industrial environments. Displacement sensors have trade offs too, and force customers to choose between speed and accuracy. Cognex’s diversified 3D product offerings solve these dilemmas.

The 3D-A5000 is faster than current area scan 3D cameras, with a rugged design that delivers reliable results under tough factory conditions that commonly distort outcomes on competitive systems. When paired with the speed and robustness of PatMax 3D, the 3D-A5000 allows customers to solve applications they couldn’t dream of solving before. And last but not least, DSMax is fast and accurate, delivering full resolution images at speeds more than 10 times faster than traditional displacement sensors.

See how Cognex’s 3D vision products can meet your toughest inspection and measurement challenges by downloading the 3D-A5000 and DSMax datasheets.

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