Pallet Scanning - Inbound Logistics

A pallet of boxes can contain many barcodes, making it difficult to read the right one. Barcodes can be printed on or covered by reflective material, such as tape or plastic. Labels can become damaged or fall off during transport or upon unloading from the dock. Using handheld scanners is not efficient when building pallets since the operator must constantly pick up and put down the scanner or limited to working with one hand. When an operator either cannot scan a barcode or needs to manually rework a pallet, this costs the facility time and money. Cognex Pallet Scanning System, using the DataMan 470 and High-Speed Steerable Mirror, scan pallets as easily as boxes. With a large depth-of-field and wide field-of-view, Cognex Pallet Scanning Systems capture labels on pallets and large packages from short working distances quickly and accurately, even when they are degraded, torn, or covered in plastic wrap. Cognex Pallet Scanning System delivers a cost-effective solution that increases a distribution facility’s efficiency and lower costs by using image-based barcode reading technology with advanced algorithms to decode 1D and 2D codes, delivering industry-leading 99.9% read rates.


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